Registration For The Kid Counselor’s In-Home Play Therapy Program Is Opening On Monday, May 24th








Watch this free 6-part video series to learn more about the upcoming online program

Introducing Play Therapy, and why traditional counseling and parenting advice don’t work


The most important thing that you need to know about interacting with your kids


The “Big Secret” about parenting


A detailed “blueprint” to In-Home Play Therapy, as your new approach to parenting

How Amanda and Sarah implemented In-Home Play Therapy and were able to get the better family life that they wanted

The next steps you need to take to get your happy kids and happy family back

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Get An Unfair Advantage

Unfortunately I can only work with a hand-full of people at the same time.

When registration for the program opens, you need to sign up as soon as you see it, because spots will sell out very fast. One reason why I’ve created an early-bird waitlist is so you can get access before the public. But to secure your spot you need to act immediately when you get an email from me.

Here’s how to get in:

1) Sign up for the early-bird waitlist below
2) Login to your email inbox on Sunday, May 23rd at 10am EST
3) Refresh your inbox until you receive the early-bird registration link
4) Click on the link and secure your spot immediately

It’s likely that there will be a rush to the registration page since there are so many people lined up for the class. But if you follow the instructions above you should be able to get a spot.

Your Program Instructor

Dr. Brenna Hicks

Dr. Brenna Hicks – The Kid Counselor® – Host of Play Therapy Parenting® Podcast

Dr. Brenna’s mission is to see a world full of happy kids that become happy adults.

She’s a licensed private-practice play therapist, author, speaker, and parenting expert. Working exclusively with children and their families, Dr. Brenna created The Kid Counselor® blog and the Play Therapy Parenting® Podcast to offer parenting and Play Therapy tips.

She’s been featured in The New York Times, and on CNN and iVillage.

Dr. Hicks earned her PhD from the University of South Florida, where she taught courses in counseling. In addition to her private practice, and parent coaching work, she currently teaches Play Therapy courses at the University of Wyoming.