Hi, I’m Dr. Brenna Hicks, The Kid Counselor┬«, host of the Play Therapy Parenting┬« podcast.

I’ve been seeing kids in private practice at my center since 2006. I’ve helped thousands of families over the years, and my practice has expanded to three play therapists seeing over 75 families a week. In 2021, I’m expanding my practice to nine therapists, serving up to 225 families a week!

Since 2009, I’ve been coaching parents to conduct play therapy sessions with their own kids, in their own home!

That “curriculum” is called Child-Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT), and it is a 10-week program that gets kids the therapy that they need, and also helps parents learn a new way of interacting with their kids that reduces power struggles, builds coping skills, and improves self-esteem in children.

In 2015 I pioneered a study that delivered CPRT online. It was the first research of its kind conducted on delivering CPRT in an online format, and the results of the study were conclusive… CPRT delivered online was equally effective as in-person, but participants enjoyed the convienience of the online format!

In 2019 I packaged the training into an online course, added extra bonus content, and lauched the In-Home Play Therapy program.

Dr. Brenna Hicks
In-Home Play Therapy

I’ve learned through many, many phone conversations that the In-Home Play Therapy program takes some explaining before people understand it completely.

When people talk to me on the phone about it, it’s usually a 15-20 minute conversation.

So I recorded several videos that will walk you through the entire explanation of the program. I’ve discovered that when you understand it, in this order, everything just “clicks” and parents get that “light bulb moment” where everything becomes perfectly clear.

  1. The first step is understanding why Play Therapy works for kids (and why “talk therapy” doesn’t work).
  2. The next thing to understand is kids are emotional and adults are rational. Kids don’t have abstract reasoning skills until about 14 years old. So interacting with them as if they are “small adults” is completely futile. You have to learn a different way.
  3. Third, adults “talk” through their issues to understand how to heal themselves and their problems. Kids PLAY through their issues! So creating an “environment of play” is the only way children will work through their “junk”!
  4. Finally, there is a “key” to every struggle you are having as a parent, dealing with your child’s issues. When you understand the “key” that unlocks the door to happy, self-regulating kids, then that light bulb moment happens and you know what you have to do!

So please fill out the form to get the videos that explain the In-Home Play Therapy program. Even if you choose not to participate in the program, this will still be worth your while, simply because you will gain a new understanding and insight about your kids and your struggles you are having.